Why participate?

Publikom is the event for you!

For two full days you will hear inspiring news from the industry. Learn how others in the public sector:

  • Successfully use communication as a tool.
  • Succeed in promoting their brand.
  • Increase dialogue with citizens.

Publikom is an opportunity to recharge your batteries and get lots of new ideas that will make your work more effective and enjoyable.

 – Valuable knowledge – Effective methods – Innovative tools –

An oasis for communicators

The goal of the event is to give public communicators like you everything you need to do your job as effectively as possible.

We know that what you do is very important for society – so we want to support you in every way we can!

We do this by bringing together the most useful information and the best available tools, to help you find exactly what your business needs. In other words, everything you need to communicate as effectively as possible!

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Network with the best communicators

Because delegates come here from all over Sweden there are many opportunities for rewarding discussions about experiences, challenges and goals.

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Leading experts

On stage, communication experts from all over Sweden will make the conference days as inspiring and informative as possible!